eduroam® (education roaming) is a free service for accessing Internet intended for students, professors, teachers, researchers, and other employees in the institutions members of Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES).

It is available at many access points in scientific research institutions as well as in educational institutions (campuses, universities, faculties, libraries, etc.) and other locations in more than 35 countries of Europe and also in Canada, USA, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

You may access eduroam from laptops, tablets, mobile telephones with wireless connection options.

eduroam service originated from mutual cooperation of European academic and research networks, and it is based on the model of mutual sharing of resources for accessing the network. In Serbia the eduroam service is provided by AMRES.

Obligation of AMRES individual users is to comply fully with the AMRES Usage Policy.

How can you use AMRES eduroam service?

Check if configuration tool for your operating system is available. Otherwise, AMRES website, in the part dedicated to eduroam service, provides instructions for users.

When connecting to eduroam, the Faculty of Pharmacy students use the same credentials (user name and password) as for the student service, except for adding to the user name.

For example: student with an account ab130123 will have as user name for eduroam.

When connecting, the employees use the domain account, i.e. the same user name and password as for logging into PC Windows, and they are to add to their user name.

For example: an employee with the domain account pera for eduroam will have the user name